The Green Zone

As continued lockdowns and social media runs rampant with conspiracy theories and judgments… it is easy to get consumed by the moods of others.

So rather than focusing on the negatives we want to keep you focused on the positives and ensure you are operating in the right zone.

There are THREE  Zones all up.

The RED Zone – The things you cannot control (Weather, other people’s thoughts and views etc.)

The ORANGE Zone – The things you can influence, but not control. Like suggesting someone do something and giving a reason why… you can’t force them, but you can influence them

The GREEN Zone – All the things you can control. When you go to bed, what TV program you watch, what clothes to wear or what food you want to eat etc.

Far too many people suffer anxiety and stress from trying to operate in the Red and Orange Zones too long. Sales people especially get fully immersed in basing their entire day and happiness on the decisions of their clients. Even though the best they can do is influence them.

We want you to make sure you operate in the GREEN Zone as it is your safest place and one that you can rely on in uncertain times.

  • Do not watch the news too much… it only serves to divide and you certainly cannot control it.
  • Do not stress the lockdowns… you are not in control of these. The best anyone can do is influence them by getting the jab or staying at home until such time the ones in control make their decision.

There is a lot of things to be POSITIVE about and here are some….

  • Any business owner or person with a house has had a 30% increase in value over the last 12 months. That’s a great thing… if you own property then you are likely better off.
  • The government continues to throw money around and this is keeping many places going until the lockdowns end. That is a positive too
  • When we get back to normal in a month or so time… those who struggled will have a boom like you have never known. It will be epic
  • We will be able to travel and we will!!

So stay POSITIVE, stay focused on the “Post Pandemic” life and be ready. It will be an epic rebound.

–          Imagine the flock of people heading to book travel…

–          Imagine the restaurants and cafes full again and booming

–          Imagine the small business owners back into the groove and busier than ever but with new systems and processes.

Everything points to some incredibly positive times ahead. All you need to do is stay in your lane and inhabit the Green Zone.

When you operate within the Green Zone, life goes your way. It goes the way of the decisions you choose and the action you take.

When you drift outside the Green Zone… things can get a little crazy and unpredictable and we can end up being dissatisfied with outcomes and daily events.


  • STAY GREEN   and

It truly is the best formula for surviving the next few weeks and beyond.

Your Team at Sphere.


Photo by Robert Collins on Unsplash