Financial Planning

We have partnered with external providers for specialist services such as personal insurance, mortgage broking, audit and legal services.

We have selected a range of providers whose core values and service standards align with our own.

We co-ordinate these services on your behalf and explain any recommendations to you in a language that is easy to understand. This ensures that you have full information and can be confident about the choices you are making.

Your financial goals

Our financial planners can help you to achieve your financial goals and dreams throughout your life:

  •   Plan to achieve major objectives, such as home ownership, children’s education and higher education,
    travel, and probably the most important of all – a comfortable retirement.
  •   Achieve your financial targets in the most effective manner by minimising tax and ensuring you
    benefit from any government concessions on offer.
  •   Select the most appropriate investments to achieve your objectives.

So if you’ve been thinking about your financial future we at The Sphere Group can help.


Imagine you stopped getting paid tomorrow.  How long would you be able to cope financially?

Protecting your current assets, family members and current lifestyle from something major happening such as injury, trauma, total permanent disability or even death should be a part of your overall planning.

We don’t just provide Accounting and Taxation services.  We can also access Authorised Representatives who work with us to assist you in the area of Insurance :

Income protection insurance is worth considering for all working people. It can pay a proportion of your salary
for a while if you’re temporarily unable to work because of sickness or injury.

The length of time you receive payments depends on the contract term; for example two years, five years, or
up to age 60 or 65 – it varies depending upon the amount of cover you have or need and the cost of the premiums*

*Premiums are generally tax deducible.

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Bus, Adv Dip FS (FP), Dip FS (FP)

Michael is a Certified Financial Planner. His experience has seen him do a lot of work with self-managed super funds, investments for high net worth portfolios, key person insurance and buy-sell insurance for businesses. Of all his experience he rates going through the GFC as the most important. It showed the real value of respecting risk, maintaining diversification and communicating with clients.

Michael runs his own practice independent of The Sphere Group, providing valuable advice to many of our clients. He works closely with us at each step to ensure a unified solution for your needs.

Michael King is an authorised representative (303796) of Australian Investment & Insurance Group Pty Ltd (AFSL 226405).
Would you like to know more?  Then visit   Clover Bespoke Wealth
or contact Mike direct on 0478 651 105 or alternatively, ring us here at the office (03) 8899 6399 and we will have Mike contact you!