Our Business Advisory Services in the Mornington Peninsula Provides You With A Highly Qualified, Client-focused, Solutions-based And Goal-oriented Chief Financial Officer.

With a top-notch Chief Financial Officer (CFO) on the team, your company will reap plenty of benefits that will contribute to the growth of the business. However, not every company, particularly small and medium-sized businesses, can afford to hire a full-time financial executive.

Good thing, our qualified business financial advisors are here to step in as the CFO of your business for your accounting and finance needs and be your partner for strategic decision-making.

What You Can Expect From Our Business Advisory Services:

  • Confidentiality

We care about privacy, and we respect our agreement’s provisions which include absolute confidentiality.

  • Experience

We have over XX years of experience providing growth in revenue and managing expenditures for different clients in the Mornington Peninsula.

  • Leadership

Choose a partner who is able to advise, lead and serve as an essential part of your leadership team.

  • Cost-effective Business Assessment

We offer competitive, fixed price assessments of your business needs, so we can determine how to best work with you to solve your biggest financial and business challenges.


With years of experience in accountancy, financial management, strategic planning, and other complex management ventures, our CFO services are provided by professionals who have “been there, done that”

Advisory Services for Individuals, Families, and Trusts

Not everyone is an expert in maximising their wealth. At Sphere, we will inform you about specific opportunities for you and your family so you can grow your wealth and provide your loved ones with financial stability.

Advisory Services for Business

We understand that not everyone has expertise in all areas of business. We also know that learning from your mistakes can be quite costly. At Sphere, we aim to ensure that your business grows without encountering huge financial issues.


Work With A Virtual Chief Financial Officer (CFO) From Sphere Accountants & Advisors Today!

By having a Virtual Chief Financial Officer, you can free yourself and your team from tedious accounting and administrative tasks and focus on growing the business.

Our Virtual CFO service provides your company with a high level of financial management and analysis normally only received if you hire an experienced Chief Financial Officer full time in your business.

The range of Virtual CFO services we deliver includes:

  • Financial statement preparation and review
  • Budgeting & Performance Analysis
  • Financial analysis & KPI Dashboards
  • Forecasting
  • Profit improvement

Our Virtual CFO service is designed to ensure that you, as the business owner, can keep your eyes firmly on the horizon, while we take care of the accounting part of your business.

Get In Touch With Us Today To Learn More About How We Can Help You.