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Superannuation in Australia: 5 Things Employers Should Know

When to pay super and who are eligible for super?

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Tax Cuts News Australians Declined to Spend Tax Cuts

Tax Cuts News: Australians Declined to Spend Tax Cuts

On tax cuts news, latest data shows Australians are spending their extra cash from interest rates and tax cuts on household debts instead of goods and services.

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Personal Income Tax Rate and How It Affects High Income Earners

Ever wondered why there are high income earners who are not rich? New federal Treasury research shows personal income tax rate system is to be blamed.

The research said the "tax concentration" on high-income earners has been distorting this group’s decisions to save, work, and invest as it puts "pressures" on the personal income tax rate system.

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ATO warns SMSF trustees

ATO Warns SMSF Trustees to Diversify and Formulate Good Investment Strategies

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has issued letters to 17,700 SMSF trustees and their auditors reminding them of their responsibility to ensure diversification and liquidity in their investment strategies.

The Office has warned that it will fine SMSF trustees who have 90 per cent or more of their retirement savings invested in a single asset class, which is often property.

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HAPPY EYOFY! Its Tax Time (Again)

June 30 is just about upon us and you know what that means? A brand spanking year Financial Year is here!

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Payroll Tax in Victoria

Payroll tax in Victoria and how it works

Payroll Tax is a state tax obligation on the salaries paid out by employers. It is computed on the amount of salaries you pay each month and collected in each state or territory in which your employees are operating in.

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Single Touch Payroll Update

STP is coming to all employers

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Tax return tips to get a bigger tax refund this 2019

When you do your income tax return each year, do you get the full tax refund that you're entitled to? Or are you looking for a bigger refund but don't have a clue where to begin?

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How a Tax Accountant Can Help You to Keep More of Your Hard-Earned Money blog image

How a Tax Accountant Can Help You to Keep More of Your Hard-Earned Money

Everybody wants to save money come tax time and having a tax accountant can help you to do just that.

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Bitcoin - It seems to be everywhere ... But, what is it?

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